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The people of Molokai have opposed this project by 93% then 97% in two separate surveys, then 99% against it in a survey last month.

Governor Abercrombie promised to follow the will of the community, but now he and HECO are trying to force this enormous industrial project on Molokai.


  • Governor Abercrombie signed Senate Bill 2785, which doesn’t allow Moloka’i to refuse the project. And it charges HECO & MECO customers for the entire multi-billion-dollar cable.


  • Increase Hawaii’s electricity rates, already the highest in the nation..
  • Turn our beautiful island into a noisy, filthy industrial development,
  • Decrease our property values and drive people from their homes.
  • Make people sick with Wind Turbine Syndrome.
  • Curtail hunting and fishing.
  • Destroy many Moloka’i cultural and sacred sites and native plants and birds.
  • Negatively impact our tourism, on which many of our businesses depend.
  • Ruin our countryside with hundreds of miles of access roads, buried cables, wires and transmission lines, switching stations, and converter stations.
  • Fill our lands and ocean with dust and erosion, and damage our aquifers.
  • Wipe out our night skies with flashing red strobe lights.
  • Impact our whales, fishing and other marine resources with a high-voltage cable through Moloka’i Reef and the Hawaii National Humpback Whale Sanctuary.
  • Turn Kaunakakai Harbor or Hale o Lono into a deepwater port accessible to cruise ships.
  • Overrun our hospital, police, and fire services with hundreds of imported short-term laborers
  • Not provide the jobs it promises, as most workers will come from outside Hawaii.
  • This project is worthless. Windmills don’t lower greenhouse gas emissions or fossil fuel use.
  • More power can be produced far more cheaply on Oahu with rooftop solar.

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IAM Voices from Molokai


This $3 billion project would be the largest single energy project in Hawai’i history and would have very damaging impacts on Moloka’i:

  1. 90 turbine towers 42 stories high, taller than any building in Hawai’i, across 18 square miles of Moloka’i.
  2. Each tower has 3 blades, each larger than a Boeing 747 wing.
  3. Eachtower has a 725-ton concrete base 60 feet in diameter and 10-20 feet deep.
  4. It includes large switching stations, transmission line networks, and huge roads to truck the enormous towers & blades.
  5. Kaunakakai Harbor will be deepened or a deepwater port dynamited at Hale o Lono.
  6. Billion Dollar Cablewill be dynamited through Moloka’i Reef and Whale Sanctuary.
  7. Local property values and rental incomes will go down 10-25%.
  8. Our electricity bills will go up 30%.
  9. Archeological and sacred sites will be destroyed.
  10. Its 300 short-term workers, nearly all be from off-island, will swamp our police, medical & other services.
  11. It will destroy one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the U.S.
  12. It will stop hunting, fishing and traditional use on 18 square miles.
  13. Its huge construction impacts (dust, blasting, traffic jams,  etc.) will go on for years.
  14. Its very loud turbines will be heard for up to 5 miles.
  15. It is in the major approach to Moloka’i Airport and increases plane crash danger.
  16. Its thousands of strobe lights will be visible for miles and blot out the night sky.
  17. Its health impacts on nearby residents may include cardiovascular and cancer risk.
  18. It will kill our birds and bats (some wind factories kill over 200 birds a day).
  19. The cable will kill our endangered Hawai’ian monk seals, whales, dolphins & turtles.
  20. After 20 years it will shut down with the towers standing and the 725-ton bases in the ground (the developers promise to pay for its removal but that rarely happens). Parts of the Big Island are filled with rusting wind turbine towers visible for miles.
  21. 21. If the towers and bases are removed, it will also be a huge destructive project.

Project economics:

  1. All of the cable costs ($1 billion or more) will be paid by Hawai’i Electric customers. All the profits will go to the developers.
  2. It will cost American taxpayers $2.3 billion.
  3. Wind power does not reduce fossil fuel use. Because wind is so unreliable, utilities must still run fossil fuel generation for backup. In no country with major wind power have these projects decreased fossil fuel use.
  4. None of the electricity will be available for Moloka’i or any island except O’ahu.

This film shows what happens to wind turbines when they died after 20 years on Hawaii Island. Needless to say, residents of both Molokai and Lanai do not want this apocalyptic scene to occur on their islands.

This is a continuing a modern day David vs.Goliath story of a little island trying to fight big government and big corporations from ruining our lifestyle with very inefficient big money technology to power Oahu.

PF Bentley filmed & edited this film for us, I Aloha Molokai, a group on the island of Molokai in Hawaii, that opposes the installation of wind turbines on Molokai and undersea cable from Molokai to send power to Oahu.

It should be noted that there is NO benefit to Molokai. After ruining our aina (land), the resulting little power all goes to Oahu. None of it goes for Molokai.

This is an ongoing and growing issue for Molokai and something residents are very opposed to. In two recent polls over 95% of the population do not want wind turbines on the island.

While other islands in state have been overdeveloped, Molokai is the last truly Hawaiian island in people, culture and lifestyle.

The Twin Bruddahs Debate.

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  2. I really like the way you are using the web, video, graphics, design, good info to get your message across. A good cause is usually easy to sell. One thing you should know is that winds big maintenance problem has been the main bearing going “egg” or out of round due to the weight of the turbine shaft and blades.

    Go PV instead, purchase MECO, manage your own energy.

  3. Chris, Virginia & Daniel

    We are a Canadian family that had the luxury of spending 3 weeks in Moloka’i last year. Any industrial development is not what the people of Moloka’i want or need. People like us vacation is already pushing the limits of the way of life there. As much as we enjoyed our time it would be very disappointing to further change to a long history of natural living. Keep it natural, keep it the same. Take their knowledge of living and start bringing it back to the rest of us. Don’t go backwards, move forward for our future generations.

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