This film shows what happens to wind turbines when they died after 20 years on Hawaii Island. Needless to say, residents of both Molokai and Lanai do not want this apocalyptic scene to occur on their islands.

This is a continuing a modern day David vs.Goliath story of a little island trying to fight big government and big corporations from ruining our lifestyle with very inefficient big money technology to power Oahu.

PF Bentley filmed & edited this film for us, I Aloha Molokai, a group on the island of Molokai in Hawaii, that opposes the installation of wind turbines on Molokai and undersea cable from Molokai to send power to Oahu.

It should be noted that there is NO benefit to Molokai. After ruining our aina (land), the resulting little power all goes to Oahu. None of it goes for Molokai.

This is an ongoing and growing issue for Molokai and something residents are very opposed to. In two recent polls over 95% of the population do not want wind turbines on the island.

While other islands in state have been overdeveloped, Molokai is the last truly Hawaiian island in people, culture and lifestyle.

This is also a very personal project forPF. He lives on Molokai and specially the West Molokai where these ninety 420 foot wind turbines are planned to be built.

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5 responses to “Aftermath

  1. I live in the Highlands of Scotland (rapidly being destroyed by windfarms) and have tried to view your Aftermath video but I seem only to be able to get the sound, no picture. It’s all black with occasional flashes of light. Is it a format we can’t use here? Sorry to post as a comment but can’t find a Contact address on this site.

  2. These crazy windfarms are simply monuments to a green religion run amok, and a rip-off of taxpayers money that elected officials use to buy votes. I live in Idaho and the once beautiful drive to Seattle through the Columbia River Gorge and the Yakima River valley has been utterly despoiled by the recent erection of scores of giant win turbines. They’re going up all over central Montana too. Each one running at “capacity” will take THIRTY YEARS to pay for the cost of its construction, and if that weren’t bad enough, the turbines burn out in less than twenty, and at any given time you can look and see that a fourth to a third of them are broken and not turning! And…a small coal fired plant would produce more energy and have a fraction of the environmental impact. Just as in Hawaii, they will become abandoned rusted hulks that we won’t have the money to tear down. It makes me seethe to see more being built near Hawi Town and on Maui.

  3. This was the Kama’oa Wind farm. It was replaced with a much larger facility down the road. The owner of this facility does have plans to vacate this area.

    Click on this link to read the update: La’aloa Avenue Extension Project Update

  4. The owner of the abandoned Kama’oa wind farm told me demolition of this facility should begin within a month.

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